At FPA Enterprises, we can offer a combination of services and skills to enhance the ability of buyers and sellers to accurately access the value of real estate property.

Residential Brokerage Service

We have been designing and renovating homes for the past 20 years. We recognize and understand what makes a home great, and we understand the latest trends. We know that listening to a homeowner wishes helps us truly understand their lifestyle and their needs. As a Real Estate Broker, being an architect and having the ability to creatively demonstrate the potential of a particular property has been well received by our past clients. Seller Representation Showcasing a residential real estate property for sale is one of our greatest expertise. When showcasing your home, there is nothing better than having a licensed architect to highlight not only your home's best features but its hidden potential as well. Potential buyers often want to know the specifics about a home's design, and we are prepared not only to answer questions but to give educated professional advice that can prove valuable and help someone make a decision to purchase your home. Buyer Representation Our combination of real estate market knowledge and home design expertise gives us the ability to advise our clients on the true qualities a home may have. When searching for real estate property to improve (whether is building new or renovating), we can quickly sketch out conceptual solutions to ensure that a particular property truly fits our buyer's needs. Often, buyers are puzzled by the potential limitations of a property they are looking at or the feasibility of improving a home. These buyers have found our design and construction expertise to be an invaluable contribution to their decision to purchase real estate.

Commercial Brokerage Service

Our Commercial Real Estate expertise really sets us apart as a unique Brokerage enterprise. Our in-depth experience of current market trends, our real estate development background, and our transaction and consulting expertise allow us to deliver relevant solutions and to deliver valuable results. Our Commercial Real Estate Services include: Brokerage Service Whether we are helping business owners, landlords or both, our development expertise has proved instrumental in helping our clients reach their goals. Landlord Representation We can help your potential tenants visualize how a space may be utilized by providing space-planning renderings on the spot. We can engage potential tenants immediately after entering your building by developing instant sketches of how they plan to utilize the space. Our ability to create functional workflow concepts for potential tenants has proven to be a valuable skill when representing landlord clients. In addition, our full service design firm Perez Design LLC has vast expertise designing floor plan layouts for professional offices, medical uses, retail spaces, restaurants, etc. Once the tenant is engaged, we can ensure that permit drawings, if required, are prepared with speed and efficiency to ensure the tenant moves in when needed. Investment Real Estate Whether an individual or institutional investor, we can provide comprehensive advice and help develop solid investment strategies for those focused on buying or selling investment real estate.

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is an evaluation and analysis of the potential of a real estate property based on an investigation and research to support the decision making process of what to build. When helping clients find sites for their development project, a feasibility study helps a client evaluate the potential of the site, the proposed project densities, limitations, and highest and best use. Through a feasibility study process, we can develop conceptual design sketches to analyze issues like traffic circulation, pedestrian flow, parking requirements, green space requirements, building mass and square footage, and preliminary construction and project costs. Once concept sketches provide the desired physical data, the feasibility study can further detail income stream, operating costs, project financial needs, and return on investment.


Development of real estate entails extensive approval processes involving multiple regulatory jurisdictions.
It is common for a project to require various approvals, permits and consents from federal, state and local governing and regulatory bodies. The real estate entitlement process is frequently a political one, which involves uncertainty and often extensive negotiation and concessions in order to secure the necessary approvals and permits. Local governments face challenging issues relating to growth and development, including zoning and future land use, public services, infrastructure and funding for same, and the requirements of state law, especially in the case of Florida under the Growth Management Act and DRI process. In addition, anti-development groups are active in seeking anti-growth limitations on real estate development activities.
Establishing relationships with the community at the start helps limit later opposition to the project. Having the right attitude in negotiations and simply being willing to listen play an important role as well.
A basic timeline of strategy to protect a project is:
Build relationships
Provide strong public outreach
Create joint-ventures with familiar faces in the arena who then articulate our project to public
Have a positive attitude
Entitlement processes take experience, patience and the right team with the right attitude to successfully sail through political issues, bureaucracy and never-ending meetings and negotiations.

Site Planning

What is a Site Plan? It is a detailed drawing that shows a property, building improvements, property lines, streets, alleys, utilities, etc. It considers how a proposed building footprint and the required parking spaces relate to the public right of way (the streets), the building setbacks, the required buffers, traffic circulation, green spaces, pedestrian access, utilities, drainage elements, topography, and the surrounding properties and buildings. The Site Plan also relates to building use and size. For example, a residential building would require less parking than a commercial building, thus affecting the layout of the building foot print and the parking area in a Site Plan. Therefore, a Site Plan must take into account building uses, size (floor area and number of stories), and architectural concept to be complete. Building size and use are in turn affected by zoning codes. Thus, a complete site plan shall be evaluated against local development regulations to make sure the project can be approved by the municipality. Our full service design firm, Perez Design LLC, can provide Architecture and Site Planning services so that it can help a Buyer or Seller of Real Estate property make the correct real estate decision and/or market a particular property with success. To learn more about Perez Design LLC, visit the company's website,

Due Diligence

In Real Estate, the party acquiring a property is obligated to discover as much about it as possible. Surveys, Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, and the evaluation of deferred maintenance items are all important aspects of a real estate transaction.