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Francisco Perez-Azua  merged his REAL ESTATE experience with a 22-year career in design, architecture and development of real estate property, and FPA Enterprises is conceived.

With a  Master of Architecture degree from the University of Florida, Francisco relocated to the South Florida region in 1991 to practice Architecture. He worked with nationally recognized firms in Miami, Miami Beach and Boca Raton. In 1996 he founded a boutique architectural firm, Perez Design LLC, in downtown Delray Beach.

Through years of architectural practice, Francisco developed a passion for Real Estate and Real Estate Investments.  His involvement with evaluating property acquisitions, engaged him in analyzing real estate property and utilizing creative planning and architectural design to maximize the market value of each particular project.

In 2009 Francisco started a two-year stint as Economic Development Director for the Delray Beach CRA and the City of Delray Beach. While working on promoting economic development and commercial growth, Francisco became involved in evaluating property for acquisition and sales, analyzing property values, and exploring highest and best use. These activities sparked a tremendous interest on Real Estate Transactions and effectively started Francisco’s career in Real Estate. After discovering that a valuable synergy could be developed between the Real Estate profession and Architecture, he turned his full attention back to the private arena in 2011 to begin setting up FPA Enterprises and actively assist new clients with traditional Real Estate transactions. His background quickly earned him the trust and confidence of Real Estate Buyers and Sellers, and Francisco has served his clients with much success. By utilizing the architectural design and planning experience he has been able to creatively explore and exploit the maximum value of real estate property.

Today the FPA Enterprises team is able to assist Clients with investment real estate, commercial properties, the purchase and sale of their homes, due diligence, investment advice, and if need be, with architectural design.  In addition, we can effectively list for sale the properties that our sister design firm, Perez Design LLC, conceives.

Our firm’s clients get the best of both worlds: Knowledge and experience in property acquisitions, sound investment advice, and the skills to effectively plan, design, build and improve the Real Estate Property.

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How We Work

Since 1996, we have had much success as a boutique architectural firm. We have completed commercial and residential projects in Palm Beach County, Miami, Cayman Islands and Ecuador. We have helped create a variety of projects, including the Astor Condominium, Fifth Avenue at Delray, Latitude Delray, Heritage Club in Delray and in Boynton Beach, Lake Avenue Lofts, etc. Needless to say, our experience is diverse.

We offer a personalized relationship with our clients. In a true partnership fashion, we seek to understand our clients needs and objectives. Our role is to act as collaborators, and to use our depth of experience and our complete knowledge in real estate to help shape and materialize our client's vision. We promote and we engage into an efficient process that leads to optimal results.
If you are looking to buy or sell a home, we understand the latest design trends and have the ability to envision the potential of a particular property. We understand the community, and the value that community goals and future planning have on real estate.
If you are looking to buy, sell or lease a commercial space, we understand space planning and how the needs and the operation of a business can be affected by the layout, the design and the architecture of a particular building or space. Our expertise allows to engage into the understanding of the business operation, studying operating pro-formas, and capitalizing on the effect that a business operation can have on the real estate transaction.

Our Ideal Client:

Buildings shape spaces .... and spaces shape our everyday lives.

When we assist a Client in the purchase of real estate, or when we design their home or a commercial space, we understand that we are making a positive impact in their lives.

Our ideal Client is a Buyer or Seller who wants our sensitivity, our knowledge and our experience to be behind the backbone of the service we provide. If you value the communitiy and seek a relationship of trust and confidence with a team who is passionate about the community and understands it, FPA Enterprises is for you.
We can help sellers to extract and expose the highest and best use of their properties, and to maximize the value of their real estate. We use our expertise in zoning regulations, business & design trends, construction knowledge and experience, and our valuable resources in the development field to bests convey value to potential buyers. In addition, we are the best choice to list for sale the homes & buildings that we have designed. Our thorough and complete knowledge and understanding of the hundreds of properties that we have designed during the past 18 years makes us the ideal fit to market them with passion, confidence and a firm strategy.
We can also help buyers who need a specific expertise. Need to find the best property to build your dream home? Do you need to find the best building to grow your business into? Again, our vast knowledge and experience in site planning, site feasibility studies, zoning review, and interior space planning are valuable assets that help our clients accomplish their goals.

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